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There Is No Life Without Suffering

August 24, 2020 - Reading time: 2 minutes

I think that we can all agree on that, if not, I would like to know your secret.

There are days when we are in a very good mood, and others when we are sad or depressed. The former is not worth talking about because we all know very well what to do. The theme is how do we get there, the answers are diverse: illness, professional failures, unjust offenses, difficulties in social or family life? How do we react to the unpleasantness, even though, without seeking it, it appears in our lives? Are we trying to focus on it? My father, an eloquent man, had a favorite expression "sh*t happens."

life is what you make of it

It is not a question of being insensitive to pain, physical or moral; or to hide like the ostrich who chooses to abstract himself from reality by hiding his head in the sand (which is actually a myth). What is not known is that when I over come it the reality might well be exactly the same. That's why it's about dealing with the problem. Facing the hardship, instead of trying to flee at all costs; even more so if the cause of these contradictions lies in a mistake of ours there is never a chance of escape. Everyone makes mistakes, it is how we deal with them and over come our fear of consequences that allow us to prevail.

It is therefore essential that we walk with fortitude, with determination, without concessions in the face of difficulties. It demands firm, concrete steps as the general purposes. Just as the problems come as a result of a passing illusion, they leave.

One of the best pieces of advice I received in one such case was one filled with problems, it was one of those sad days where you just hope to fine someone promoting happiness around us, at our work, in our home. These are the people helping spread joy to those who may need it without having to as, this is a type of social work that we can do, and you'll see how "by magic" those negative feelings begin to disappear.

Life is not complete with out some form of unhappiness, but the happy moments tend to outweigh the sad. The latter just has a tendency to take center stage in our lives.