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Delicious Vegetable Quiche With A Touch Of Emmental

September 11, 2021 - Reading time: 5 minutes

I love vegetarian food. For one, the food is paramount, quality, flavor, and texture are all important whenever you want to cook well, but they become consumed when you pile on the meat and cheese. With vegetarian food you don't have this to fall back too.

I found this recipe while browsing pinterest a while ago and have cooked it for us several times since then. This vegetarian recipe is simple but that does not impact the taste in anyway.

The last time I made it I wanted to make a quiche full of vegetables, so the recipe has changed and we'll make a quiche filled with carrot, zucchini, red pepper, green pepper and yellow pepper. It also has a little emmental, which is the cheese I like the most with these vegetables and to switch a little to the typical cheese you find in most quiche. Ricotta cheese and feta are also here. If you want, you can put onions on it. I didn't put it on this time.

Well, here we go: Let's make a vegetable quiche!

Difficulty: easy

Processing time: 45 min approx with 20 minutes in the oven

Ingredients for 4 people:

  1. 200g sliced carrots (or whole carrots and cut them ourselves later)
  2. 200g sliced zucchini (or whole and cut them later)
  3. A big red pepper
  4. A large green pepper
  5. A big yellow pepper
  6. Optional: 1 medium onion
  7. About 100 grams of cheese, whichever you like the most. In this recipe I think the one which suits it the best is feta or ricotta. But you can also tryl goat cheese or emmental which I have been using lately.
  8. Salt, parsley and pepper
  9. Olive oil
  10. 200ml culinary cream
  11. 3 medium eggs
  12. Quiche dough


  1. A large frying pan
  2. A medium bowl
  3. An oven-safe form where you'll make the quiche
  4. A fork
  5. A wooden spoon
  6. A little music

The recipe:

  1. We will start by cutting the vegetables. First, wash them well. Then cut the peppers into strips. Slice the carrot as well as the zucchini. If you've chosen to add onion, cut the onion into tiny cubes too.

  2. Once you have all the vegetables cut, put in a large frying pan a bit of olive oil to heat on high. When you are are ready, add the onion (if you've decided to put onions on it) and after about 3 minutes, add the rest of the vegetables and put the heat down to medium heat. Let them cook until they start to get soft (but not super soft, remember that after this they will still have 20 minutes of oven time, so you should cook them to the point that they start to get soft).

Meanwhile, preheat the oven to 180° C.

  1. While the vegetables are cooking, whisk the eggs well in a bowl. When they are beaten, add the cream, salt (2 small pinches), pepper to taste (It can be white or black pepper) and chopped parsley (I like parsley I really like the taste it gives to the quiche, so I make a large amount and the truth is I could usually eat more!). Keep whisking everything together until everything is well mixed.

So easy!

I love quiches. They are dishes that serve both as an aperitif at dinners with friends, as a starter menu, as an easy meal for when we plan a picnic, or as a main course accompanied by a good salad. One example comes to mind of what to serve with the quiche if you want to have a healthy meal: with a cream of peas and mint, with a cream of carrots and ginger, with a goat cheese salad etc.! You can also split them into small portions and it will serve as snack when you host parties.

They are easy to do and you can reinvent the wheel as often as you want, there are so many varieties of quiches, basically as many as you have ideas in your head.

My grandmother used to say "May your medicine be your food, and feed your health." Back then it sounded sage like and complicated but eating well, really is a medicine and one that can work wonders on our mind and bodies. For me quiche is one of those meals.

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Raw Food? Sure Why Not!

August 13, 2020 - Reading time: 4 minutes

Who knew that "raw food" could be so delicious take these ingredients for example: Spinach, apple and lemon shake!

So they can then say that vegetarian or raw food is boring, without flavor (maybe I said that?), or it is always the same. The possibility of recipes and combinations of ingredients is infinite, whether cooked or otherwise, so the flavors that you can discover is really exponential ... combine and enjoy.

This recipe that I am about to explain here is so simple to make and so fast that you will be almost certain to get hooked on it like we did. In addition to being very simple to make and very good (my fiancee for example does not like spinach but this smoothie works for him, magic!), is full of nutrients (vitamins and minerals) for your body and spirit. It is for example full of Vitamin C, fiber, and supposedly they all retain intact since you are eating them fresh as if you were to eat an apple or spinach in a salad.

The concept of raw food has been around for a while. I kept seeing it on the recipes I follow on pinterest. But was it worth it? I mean I have no intention to go on a raw food diet, though I have been told it can be cooked, at least to a maximum of 45° C to maintain its nutrients. So I guess the idea is that the base food should nourish us to the fullest, filling us with life, health, and natural energy. To be honest I don't buy into any of that, food is not simply food. A lot of healthy nourishing food can only be enjoyed when it is cooked. Or more nutrients are released when it is cooked. Broccoli, beans, etc.. I always say that we don't have to treat our bodies like rubbish, we can take some things to the extreme.

What I wanted to say with that is this is a wonderful recipe. One that will be a frequent guest in our kitchen, but it isn't enough to make us take up a raw food diet. Though it is enough to encourage us to try some of the different recipes you can find on the net.

This is an easy-to-make raw food recipe, a smoothie basically, but it is made of both vegetables and fruits that won't leave you unsatisfied. At least we were satisfied. Maybe you'll be surprised like we were! For those who hate spinach, it's a way to eat it that might just change your mind about that bitter leafy green.

Here goes, the recipe!

Difficulty: so easy that it's almost just a button press away

Preparation time: Less than 15 minutes

Ingredients for 4 servings:

  1. 250g fresh spinach
  2. 2 apples (I use yellow ones)
  3. 1 lemon

You'll need...

  1. A blender

The recipe:

Easy, just:

  1. Clean the apple and cut it into cubes.
  2. Put the freshly washed spinach, apple and lemon juice in the blender.
  3. Blend, and when you're happy with the consistency, you're ready to consume the smoothie... Delicious, healthy, natural and quick!

Smoothies are so easy