What can you say about yourself that is not already obvious by the words that you have already shared on the site itself? One thing that I have noticed when I browse to the "about" page of a website is that I either:

  1. Agree with the person that has written those words and I want to learn more or;
  2. The person has given a bad impression and I attempt to see if my impression is confirmed by what they have included in their about.

If that is the reason for your visit to this page I hope that it is the former rather than the latter. Though if you disagree with something that I have written, please, consider leaving a comment and explaining your position. I am open for debate, given that it is civil, and when I can learn another perspective it helps understand the subject better.

Outside of that I am an engaged 20 something nurse who enjoys mountain biking, travel, and sports. Though, I make no guarantees that I will spend much time on those topics as there are better sources than I to explore those topics.