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My brilliant plan 2021

December 29, 2020 - Reading time: 4 minutes

Welcome 2021! How quickly you've come this year.

A new year lays ahead, and as my father's oft grumbled phrase of the week (leading up to the 31st), "New Year, new fight", which I once thought meant that it is a good time to reflect on all that we have not yet been able to get done, everything we have to improve, and that requires an internal struggle to be able to change and correct.

This is a goal, a mission that we plan each year. Those New Years resolutions which most everyone makes, either officially or unofficially give us something to work toward.

A mission defines what you do and the reason that you do it in the long run. In our case the long term can be none other than life (a life's work), so our mission is work the smartest way one can. My goals, that is, what I need to do to accomplish my list are based on four points basic points:

  1. Improving my relationship with my faith
  2. Being an excellent fiancée
  3. Being an excellent employee
  4. Be an excellent friend, daughter and sister

At first it looks like the list is arbitrary, disconnected and small, but it is quite encompassing if you look at where my values lie.

Taking into account these four simple objectives I have defined one-off activities to improve in each of them, as well as giving them a date to meet them and above all a monthly review or control to ensure that I have really complied with the established criteria, since good intentions die when they are not nurtured and observed.

For example, in the case of being an excellent employee, I set out to cultivate values such as perseverance, prudence, ethics in business, punctuality, finishing everything well, etc. And for this a concrete action plan that is based on knowing these virtues is required.

In the case of my relationship with my boyfriend, who will help me identify what I am doing wrong, as is the communication with him, are you happy to be with me? I can make a list of topics where I must improve, for example, share more of the work at home, not arrive home stressed, or bring work problems in to the house, etc.

These are the most important aspects of my life at this time. And as my grandmother would say: "How brief is the length of our passage through the earth!" These words have made me reflect as a reproach in the face of a lack of dedication, of desire, that I have many times in the past, they have given me pause to improve on things that I know that I am doing wrong, but at the same time they are a constant invitation to change, and that better than the beginning of a new year to do so.

Here the important thing is to realize that you can improve, where to improve, and most importantly how to improve. Not only must we have the desire to initiate this change, because if so after a week we forgot everything, we must act. The secret is to do it just like at work, put the same emphasis and even greater, because this is much more important (this is our personal life). Let's think about our lives. Why don't we sometimes find those minutes, to end the work that concerns us? Why do we neglect family obligations, why do we lack serenity and calm, to fulfill day-to-day duties, and entertain ourselves without any hurry to go after personal whims?

I read in an article that if we renew our goals that it allows us to concentrate and give us a goal. Physical lacking, was one of the factors that led people to ignore their resolutions. How can we fix that? Add one more thing to our ever growing list. Exercise daily, for our bodies must be fit for our mind to work well. Then make sure you put your heart into reaching those goals. Sometimes happiness is not always in doing what you want, but in wanting what you do. And finally read or watch movies that inspire you.

Thank you for spending some of your time here to read my plans for the coming year, I promise to be more rigorous and improve a lot in the next year.