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Emotions - Controlling or Controlled

June 27, 2021 - Reading time: 2 minutes

Emotions can either be controlled or they can be controlling. How we deal with a situation and how we react to it can be as different as night and day.

I came across a very good article, it was short but direct and I wanted to explore the topic on my blog. Up until that point I wasn't aware of a theory; emotional intelligence which plays a role in how we engage once they take hold. Some people let themselves get swept along, others can direct the flow and either minimize the impact or guide it into a positive direction.

Emotions can and should be modulated intelligently, in other words you can own yourself when you understand how you feel about a topic. One of the characteristics of immaturity is emotional instability. This is expressed by changes in moods in short spaces of time going from euphoria to melancholy for no apparent reasons. We assign this swing with teens, but truth be told it is not necessarily something that is grown out of. In this this regard some people slip further into bad patterns as they grow older and externalize their emotional state.

Immature people often act like they are moved by emotions leaving aside their will and principles. It is a characteristic of adolescence, acting according to mood: I feel like it, I do not feel like it, something that, on the other hand, is so common today to many adults.

People who have a life project, principles on which they base their action are often more stable, mature, and therefore happy. It's not about coldly controlling emotions, feelings or moods (that wouldn't be human), it's about keeping them in place and not allowing them to become leaders of the decisions that we make.

A mature personality knows how to overcome the moody extremes and keeps them within moderate variables.

They are not frustrated by failure and they do not think a task is insurmountable in the face of success.

Live your life without losing sight of that personal project that gives meaning to everything we do.