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Breakfast Is A Must

August 2, 2021 - Reading time: 2 minutes

I love breakfast. While there are people who can't eat anything when getting up in the morning and who have to let a few hours pass before eating I can eat almost immediately after getting up. The only time I don't eat breakfast are on very special circumstances, which is to say it is very rare for me to skip eating.

Besides, I'm the type of person, who when it comes to breakfast prefers to eat something sustaining so that I can continue going on the energy for a long time. Well, if I'm at home then I am in the clear. If I'm somewhere else, I'll adapt to whatever's there.

Right now my first meal of the day consists of the following:

A home pressed glass of juice with a little water. They say it's very good for cleaning out your system, but I just like having juice in the morning. I've also noticed that it has been useful for clearing my throat out which has been congested for the last few months.

Some kiwis and/or banana. Sometimes the banana is missing, but never the kiwis. A few slices of toast with some jam, accompanied by a glass of milk.

When I need a little pick me up I will drink a tea with ginger and lemon. This comes in handy especially in winter or when you have colds, although I take it every day that it seems needed as it warms your body from the inside, from your stomach, your center. If I'm cold or sore, I usually have some honey.

And that is it, my breakfast. It's a little weird, but I like it a lot.

What about you? Are you having breakfast or waiting until mid-morning for a bite to eat? What do you like to eat in the morning the most?