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Life and It's Inevitable End

September 5, 2021 - Reading time: 3 minutes

Today is the anniversary of my grandmother's passing. One thing about my life is certain, which is death, whatever I do, all of this will one day be over.

You always read in the papers and online that there are countries where people die in unimaginable numbers and I am thankful that I was able to be born and grow up in a country like ours. Where my grandmother got to be close to 90 years old and for the majority of those years lived a happy healthy life. This hasn't been the case for everyone that I have been close to in my short life. In this regard, the Pope once said in one of his talks that the untimely death of a person who is dear to us is an invitation, not to stop living, but to tend to life as soon as possible and work towards the fullness of life. The cliché of dedicating oneself to living as if it were the last day of our life. What this does not mean is to become a pessimists or drowned in depression, but quite the opposite. Instead it is a call to remain enthusiastic, finish our work well, seek to support those who need you, have ethics at work, because in that way, there will be nothing to fear if the time comes.

Continuing what the Pope said, I recall that he posed the observation that the world considers those who live long lives fortunate, but God, more than age, looks at the righteousness of the person's heart. Even before this life is over, those who welcome God can already live during their earthly existence, a foretaste of eternal life because it is the happiness to which we aspire in depth the heart of every person.

I was talking to a friend a while ago about the subject and she was telling me, yes, you may be right, but we're still young, when I'm 60 I'll be dedicated to changing my lifestyle. I told her, the day the tower of Pisa falls, which side do you think is going to fall toward? Obviously the side that's been leaning toward all of the time. Well, the same thing can be said about us, the day we pass, we will fall toward the side that we have chosen to live.

My dad, an extraordinary man used to say: "you don't die, the scenery just changes." In short, what he wanted to visualize is that life is not lost, it is only changed, and it is a change for good, because God always calls us at our the best time.

Don't be afraid of death. It will come in time, in the place and in the way that suits you best. In our lives everything has been so carefully arranged and planned except death, and death is the one certainty we have in this life.

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Attitude - Make The Impossible, Possible

August 18, 2021 - Reading time: 4 minutes

There are no impossible things, only inefficient people. That is, the sentiment that, given reason there are no possible tasks, rather people who make the possible harder than it needs to be. I heard the expression yesterday in a meeting and the phrase stayed with me, it got me thinking all night because it has a great application for life as a whole. There are many cases in which we have to fight every day to improve who we are, this begins from the moment when we get up, we start a fight against the inner slacker, those extra minutes that we tried to sleep through the snooze and then, forced to hurry, we try to do everything fast and often unavoidably wrong. The fight continues once we get to work, and we see that there are a lot of tasks to do, which we find impossible to finish, and when we start using the defeatist thinking that we will "do our best" without committing to doing anything completely.

Have you noticed how many ways we can make life more complicated for both ourselves and for those who live with us?

Perhaps our wife to whom has become accustomed to our bad character, our little ability to surprise her with some flowers, or a box of chocolates when we return from work, out lack of desire to help with the things around the home, or perhaps in our work, with our co-workers, to whom we send the hardest work, we treat them badly. Or perhaps it is the treatment to our parents, of whom we choose to forget everything they have done for us, and we hurt them with our unthinking treatment, we answer them harshly, we hurt them with our bad attitude.

Are we aware of our bad attitude? Is it impossible to change?

I don't think so.

In this life everything is possible, another issue is that it does not depend exclusively on us, but if we do not internalize it and we really believe it, we will not achieve anything, we will continue with the same way of being, of acting, of treating others, of working, thinking that it is impossible instead of committing to improving ourselves every day, and not to be the reflection of the inefficiency of the people who are in our environment, simply because everything easy is fashionable, everything that does not involve effort or commitment to success.

I know that it is easy to say: "yes, I'm going to try to change some things," but nothing is that simple, it takes more than good intentions.

more than good intentions

You may be wondering how to start -- to begin changing from this moment forward? It's not easy, but we already have the first part outlined, the commitment, the real desire to want to do improve. The next thing is to think specifically of three or four points where we know we can change, not tomorrow but now: for example: get up from this week forward at a fixed time and not give into the temptation of the snooze button. Another way is to buy a small gift for someone you love and haven't shown it to in a long time, and give it to them fondly, they can be your parents, your grandparents, siblings, a friend. Maybe it is somebody who needs to talk. The gift can be simply listening to them, dedicating time to them (the easiest way to be generous is to buy something, but the fact of dedicating time to the person, listening to their problems , implies a greater effort and therefore greater satisfaction). Finally we can make the effort this week not to lie or exaggerate (which is in truth the same as a lie), if we analyze ourselves well, we will see that throughout the day one tends to say not one, but several lies.

How can you be certain you are on the right track? To know if we have done well or not is easy, at the end of the day we can focus only on these three topics: punctuality in the morning, generosity and the struggle to tell the truth. At the end of next week you will see how it was not impossible, that it is not a fight to live better life. Rather it flows naturally when you set simple goals and work toward them.

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Breakfast Is A Must

August 2, 2021 - Reading time: 2 minutes

I love breakfast. While there are people who can't eat anything when getting up in the morning and who have to let a few hours pass before eating I can eat almost immediately after getting up. The only time I don't eat breakfast are on very special circumstances, which is to say it is very rare for me to skip eating.

Besides, I'm the type of person, who when it comes to breakfast prefers to eat something sustaining so that I can continue going on the energy for a long time. Well, if I'm at home then I am in the clear. If I'm somewhere else, I'll adapt to whatever's there.

Right now my first meal of the day consists of the following:

A home pressed glass of juice with a little water. They say it's very good for cleaning out your system, but I just like having juice in the morning. I've also noticed that it has been useful for clearing my throat out which has been congested for the last few months.

Some kiwis and/or banana. Sometimes the banana is missing, but never the kiwis. A few slices of toast with some jam, accompanied by a glass of milk.

When I need a little pick me up I will drink a tea with ginger and lemon. This comes in handy especially in winter or when you have colds, although I take it every day that it seems needed as it warms your body from the inside, from your stomach, your center. If I'm cold or sore, I usually have some honey.

And that is it, my breakfast. It's a little weird, but I like it a lot.

What about you? Are you having breakfast or waiting until mid-morning for a bite to eat? What do you like to eat in the morning the most?

Dealing With Problems That Arise In Our Lives

June 30, 2021 - Reading time: 3 minutes

Who hasn't had any problems in life? They are like the basis of every day life for some, and even if they are not we at least think about them when they appear. Do we know how to deal with them?

That is a question which I pose to myself every time I encounter one. By asking the questions I am given a chance to step back and analyze it in a way that allows me to take a proactive look at the problem at hand.

There are no exact rules of steps and procedures approved, however, there are facts that confirm that with a given reasoning, you will have a greater chance at discovering opportunities to resolve them. Optimism and hope can get us through many hardships. There's a reason that one of the best ways to deal with a problem is to internalize it and understand it, to know what the worst is that can happen to you, but to hope for the best out come. A very important variable that we often set aside is hope, solving the problem with that optimism of knowing that we will do well.

Perhaps the most important part of the previous paragraph is the ability to correctly identify the problem. Many times we define excellent solutions but for other problems, then everything is ruined. After that, identify their causes, study possible solutions or alternatives, analyzing each of them - their advantages and disadvantages. Finally we can come to a clearer picture to choose the best alternative. But of course, the matter doesn't die there. We still have to know how to implement it, and more importantly, know how to measure and control whether it turned out the way that we wanted or not.

As a corollary to this note I leave you with one of the phrases that Bob Knight (The General), one of the greatest college basketball coaches of all time, said in relation to attitude, as well as the logical form of steps that in my opinion are recommended to solve a problem, when success is the goal they will be of no use if they are not accompanied with a good dose of hope and positive attitude: Many times adversity and problems can work in your favor. Instead of feeling a victim and feeling very sorry for yourself, using it as an excuse, you have to face the situation and get the best out of it. She is the only way for a team to develop the strength and character to compete at the highest level.

Success isn't a given, but when you focus on understanding the problem you are in a better position to solve it in a successful manner. Understanding the problem is also key in not loosing hope.

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Emotions - Controlling or Controlled

June 27, 2021 - Reading time: 2 minutes

Emotions can either be controlled or they can be controlling. How we deal with a situation and how we react to it can be as different as night and day.

I came across a very good article, it was short but direct and I wanted to explore the topic on my blog. Up until that point I wasn't aware of a theory; emotional intelligence which plays a role in how we engage once they take hold. Some people let themselves get swept along, others can direct the flow and either minimize the impact or guide it into a positive direction.

Emotions can and should be modulated intelligently, in other words you can own yourself when you understand how you feel about a topic. One of the characteristics of immaturity is emotional instability. This is expressed by changes in moods in short spaces of time going from euphoria to melancholy for no apparent reasons. We assign this swing with teens, but truth be told it is not necessarily something that is grown out of. In this this regard some people slip further into bad patterns as they grow older and externalize their emotional state.

Immature people often act like they are moved by emotions leaving aside their will and principles. It is a characteristic of adolescence, acting according to mood: I feel like it, I do not feel like it, something that, on the other hand, is so common today to many adults.

People who have a life project, principles on which they base their action are often more stable, mature, and therefore happy. It's not about coldly controlling emotions, feelings or moods (that wouldn't be human), it's about keeping them in place and not allowing them to become leaders of the decisions that we make.

A mature personality knows how to overcome the moody extremes and keeps them within moderate variables.

They are not frustrated by failure and they do not think a task is insurmountable in the face of success.

Live your life without losing sight of that personal project that gives meaning to everything we do.

I Was A Gymnast, Rhythmically Speaking

June 8, 2021 - Reading time: 4 minutes

When I was younger I loved to dance and after many years of taking dance and going through many styles and disciplines, I was fortunate to have all of these resources come together in one place, rhythmic gymnastics. It encompassed my life for several years and gave me a lot of great experiences and opened up some opportunities that I would not had otherwise.

Today I thought that I would share a little bit about the topic for fun and because I would otherwise be stumped on what to write about. The lack of topics lately has been somewhat bothersome and one which, schedule allowing, will receive some changes.

Rhythmic gymnastics is one of the most creative sports, leaving room for imagination (as almost all disciplines do that have to do with music and body expressiveness) as well as dance.

floor work with ball

It seeks to achieve original exhibitions through the combination of difficult exercises, in addition to achieving a balanced and beautiful exercise that enhances expressiveness through the exhibition and impress the judges with the refined technique and its beauty. This is achieved through considering the maximum complexity of body harmonic expression the rhythm under the sports inspiration and the beauty of the body in motion.

Rhythmic Gymnastics Equipment


The Clubs are bottle-shaped. Its length is 40 to 50 cm and its weight of at least 150 gr. With them the gymnast makes swings, conductions (full circles), mills, pitches, etc. It's one. of the most difficult piece of equipment because you have to use both equally hands at a very fast pace.


Length varies relative to gymnast stature. It's the device with the least showy nature which makes them less popular among the gymnasts, but its handling, together with the ball is an elementary aspect of the sport, because of this girl plays with her from and grace. Jumps are elements typical seen combined with the rope. There are also swings, rotations and pitches. Usually the gymnasts will use music with a lot of rhythm when using a rope.


Its length is 6 m. It has to be in constant motion. This is the most aesthetic device used, but also the most treacherous as it can end up getting tangled up or losing the path with ease. A good exercise should include variety in the drawing of patterns with the ribbon, combined with jumps, turns, balances, pitches, etc. They are a lot of fun but hard to master.


Its diameter is 18 to 20 cm and its weight of 400 gr at a minimum. The balls are typical elements used in most routines which makes the apparatus demanding, routines are filled with movements that are very broad and use a full range of body movements. They're very eye-catching launches and receptions outside the field of view. Control of the ball with most parts of the body are another basic element used when on the floor.


Its inner diameter should be 80 to 90 cm and its weight, 300 gr as my way. They were used for the first time time in an exhibition at the 1936 games as a symbol of the hoops used in the Olympic symbol. With the hoop are made rotations, rollings about the body, throws, passage through the interior, swings, etc.

If you found this interesting and I can write further about the sport.

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Oh, Plants What Would We Do Without You?

May 12, 2021 - Reading time: ~1 minute

Today I just wanted to share a few tips on plants and their care:

Where would we be without plants? What happens when you fail to take care of your plants?

  1. Well without the flowers we do not have anything nice to decorate our tables, we also have nothing to give to our moms.
  2. Nor will we have them when we want to give them to a girlfriend/boyfriend, the bride will also not have her bouquet.
  3. Shade is a nice perk too.
  4. Most important, our breathing will suffer if we don't take care of them.
  5. Let's do something for the plants, our mothers, girlfriend/boyfriend, and planet.

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Wasting Time Like It Was Free

May 8, 2021 - Reading time: 6 minutes

Time isn't infinite, it isn't free. If that is true, how do we make the most of our time?

I hate to waste time. In fact I feel that it is a lesser sin. As you can imagine one of the topics that I am passionate about is making the most of that limited gift. When I end for the day, tired, not only from working, but from having been productive throughout the day, of having taken advantage of the time I was given for taking care of useful things, I smile. There was some hardship getting here and I still need to work out the best way to make the most of my time and be more productive at work and in life. Thankfully I was blessed to have a grandmother that thought that this was also an important skill in life, and after school when I spent the afternoon with her she would sit down and share her tricks with me through anecdotal stories.

The attentive grandchild could learn a lot from those afternoons at grandma's house.

We tend to treat time as an understood component of life rather than as a currency, if the latter was true most of us would be millionaires, because we don't know how to take care of it or take advantage of it, however if time was only money, we could lose it, but time is more valuable than money, time is life, and we don't know how much we have left.

A good start to take advantage of it is to be aware that we are not taking advantage of it fully and that we can sit down and think for a moment about the activities we can do better. Some examples may be the number of hours to sleep, on average it is 8, it would be ideal to respect those hours, no more, no less.

Another interesting resource is to list outstanding issues: daily, medium and long-term, and prioritize each issue. Productive people don't just have lists of unfinished business, they stick to the lists. Managing meetings is also very useful, arranging them and meeting the start and end times so that they do not extend indefinitely. It is also very important to identify those activities that waste time, learning to avoid distractions. Use the 80/20 rule: 80% of our achievements come from only 20% of our efforts. The task is to find out what is contained in that 20% of productivity, and dedicate yourself to those activities.

Of course even if we set out to reach a 100% we will never be able to hit that number, not always.

Still, we can try.

Adjust the schedule according to our energy levels. If we are one of the people who have the most energy early in the morning, for example, we can plan the most important activities at that time. One of the main drivers is performing several different tasks the same time is how much energy we have. For example, I have the mania of checking my phone and email every 5 minutes, but I don't because it distracts and subtracts concentration from other tasks. Realistic deadlines should be set, not committed to meeting when we know we will have difficulty doing so. We can address these potentials stumbling stones with a quick checklist. Then assign the proper expectations to the different aspects so that we are not unrealistic when set time aside to complete them.

  • Identify the problem.
  • Gather relevant facts and data.
  • Collect general knowledge.
  • Look for possible combinations.
  • Sleep on it.
  • Use lists of pending issues.
  • Get feedback.
  • Ask others for help.
  • Give new ideas a chance.

Finally, I find it important to keep my life organized. Organization is easy to add to your life and you will save time even with a little bit of it. My grandmother recommend the following:

  1. Always carry with you a small list of to-do issues:
    In addition to the tasks to be done, write your thoughts and ideas there – so you won't waste time trying to remember things when you need them.
  2. Create a file system: that allows you to get what you need in seconds.
    A good file system is the most important aspect of time management and organization.
  3. Don't pile up trash: check your papers periodically, archive what you need, and throw away what's no longer good for you.
  4. Keep your desk clean: a messy desk is a big productivity impediment.
  5. Keep priority lists: update them over time.
  6. Learn to say no: you can't do it all.
    You mustn't feel guilty for saying no. Be polite, but be clear with things you're not willing to spend time doing.

If there is a situation that becomes increasingly common for many people it is the burden life chores, the day to day tasks that become - well - a chore. Many believe that it is irreversible and that you cannot live any other way. I heard one person say that they are overwhelmed, that they felt like a disease the basis of which is the lack of priorities and rigidity in what we have to do.

When someone says they don't have time to dedicate to the spouse, children, or do something for others, are they properly setting their priorities? The truth is that if we have a lot of things to do, we can only attend to a limited number of them, usually whatever we have in our heads takes first place. It is therefore a matter of order, we can do what we consider most important.

One proposal to combat the burden is to pretend every day that they are tokens, then decide what we have to put first, the important things come first. One of the characteristics of those that become overwhelmed is the routine. We all have time to dedicate it to others, to tasks that help us live better. To prove it, think about it like this, pretend that the day only has 23 hours. Can you do the same in a 23 hour day that you could in a 24? If we are honest with ourselves the answer will be yes. The hours aren't the problem, the real culprit is that we have plenty of mediocrity in our planning.